Information for Tenants

Having identified prospective properties, County Lettings will arrange for you to view the property. These will be arranged at a time to suit you, we also carry out viewings on evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. Viewing will always be accompanied by a property management agent, who will be able to provide immediate advice and answer any questions you may have.

Having selected a property you will need to complete a written application and offer to rent. At this time any details or requirements can be agreed including occupancy date, duration of the letting, etc.

On application a "Holding Fee" will be required. Assuming the rental proceeds, this will be deducted from the Fees due before occupation as outlined below. It will also be refunded if the landlord declines the tenancy. It will, however, not be refunded if the tenant decides not to proceed for any reason, or if the tenancy fails to proceed at the referencing or credit check stage.

County Lettings will take references on behalf of the landlord. Normally, this will include your employer, any former landlord and a character reference. In addition a credit check will be undertaken where a tenant is unable to meet the required income, the tenant can have a Guarantor agree to underwrite any rent liabilities.

Rents are normally quoted on a calendar month basis. In addition, the tenant is normally responsible for Council Tax, Water Rates, Gas, Electricity and Telephone costs.

Rents are payable by standing order (unless alternative arrangements are agreed in advance), monthly in advance, with the first months rent due before taking occupation of the premises.

A deposit is required prior to occupation. This is normally equal to about 6 weeks rent, but may vary.

The deposit is held to cover any breakages, damage, or other tenant liabilities. At the end of the tenancy COUNTY LETTINGS will check the property  and assess any damages and deductions due. In accordance with the law your deposit will be insured by '' and or necessary certificates will be sent to you once the deposit is paid to us and to be held by COUNTY LETTINGS.

The deposit cannot be used by the tenant to cover rent.

Deposits will be returned approximately two weeks after the tenant has vacated and the relevant inspections have been carried out.

Tenants should leave the property clean and habitable. Deductions from the deposit will be taken in lieu of any damages and failure to return the property in a good standard or to how it was let.

A fee is due to County Lettings prior to the start of the tenancy to cover the tenants share of the Tenancy Agreement and legal notices, references and credit checks and check-in and check-out. Our administrative fee is £175.